Meet The Maker

"Asa" (“AY-sah”)

The word “Asa” derived from a Hebrew language and means “healer” and/or doctor.

About Asa Candle Co.

Asa Candle Co. is a fragrance company based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Asa Candle Co. x Shas Capri is an independent business that truly believes our products will be a beneficial component to your emotional healing and relaxation experience. All products are eco-friendly and made with 100% soy wax and flat-braided cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free. As Asa Candle Co. x Shas Capri continues to grow and develop its products, so does our commitment to sustainability, the planet, and customers.

"Hi, I'm Shas Capri!"

The owner, CEO, creative director, sales operator, "HBIC" of this operation (haha!) --basically, I am the face behind this handmade fragrance goods company!


Born and raised in Memphis, TN, and currently residing in the Dallas, TX area, I founded Asa Candle Co. in March 2020.  What started as "just another hobby", spiraled into a passion, and has now become a successful business.  I fell in love with the name “Asa” back in 2014, when I first heard it! Oddly enough, I heard the name again in 2017, near the time of my father's death. I decided to research its meaning and found that word meant “healer”. Ironically, this was exactly what I needed for myself during this period of my life!  I needed healing from all of the grief, fear, and depression that followed my unexpected loss. At this moment, I felt connected to the word and it's meaning, so I began examining what my healing process typically looks like— what tools do I rely on (ex. candles, smudge stick, crystals, affirmations, etc.), what type of atmosphere am I hoping to create, what is the cause/purpose of this particular healing-- so I thought it would be perfect to create a brand specifically created for one's experience!  Let's begin the journey of feeding into our healing and more relaxing moment together!